Thursday, February 7, 2013


Why is it that every time I get motivated to eat healthy and kick my junk food addiction, I get the biggest craving for mac and cheese! At least I showed some self-control this time and decided not to eat the entire box...I am learning portion control one day at a time.

In other news, my sisters' post yesterday on goals really got me thinking about my own. I am a big list maker, they really help me to stay focused and organized each week. Not to mention I have the worst memory ever so they mainly just remind me to actually get out and do stuff. At the moment I have about 10 lists of goals/tasks that I wish to accomplish at one point or another, but my main goal lately is to get back to doing the things that I truly love. In life we tend to get caught up in so many mundane tasks that we must complete daily in order to maintain our lifestyle. Which seems to leave us with little time to actually take a moment for yourself and indulge in something that makes you happy.

For me, my escape has always been art and photography. As of a few months ago I have been lucky enough to turn my love of art and design into a career (or so I hope), but it has become so routine now that I would love to get back to just creating art for the sake of creative expression, and not for the reliance of a paycheck. I have fallen away from my love of photography in particular. In high school I was completely absorbed with it, and lately I feel as though I have no time to get out there and just enjoy taking pictures again.

These pictures are part of a series that I completed in one of my college classes. I really hope to get back to making time for the things that I love, and taking pride in it again. Everyone deserves a moment of solace that clears their mind and reminds them of the happiness and joy that exists in their lives. Obviously my husband, friends, and family bring me tremendous joy on a daily basis, but everyone still needs time to themselves. It is nice to have a hobby or task that you can submerse yourself in and force all of the other worries or stresses in your life out of your mind, if only for a moment.

Until next time,

- Jenny

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