Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend recap & Movie Monday

How was your weekend? We go to the movies a lot, so whenever I see something over the weekend, I'll try to post about it on Monday. 

I don't think we mentioned but in general, I will be trying to post on Mon/Wed/Fri, and Jenny will be posting on Tues/Thurs/Sat, with Sunday being a free day. We might not stick to it too strictly but that's the plan for now. 

Anyway, Sunday morning we woke up and went to see the new Stallone flick, Bullet to the Head.

We love going to the movies on Sunday mornings because it's usually $5 (or less) and not crowded. We hit up the 10 a.m. show with just a handful of other people in the theatre (although I'm pretty sure that had nothing to do with it being Sunday morning).

This movie was pretty terrible. It had it's moments but with Stallone's acting, the random racism, and the fact that it was early, I almost dozed off a few times. Granted, I didn't have super high hopes, and I was still entertained, but with Sly and Arnold both releasing movies this year, I have go with Arnold. 

Looking at Jason Momoa didn't hurt (source

The rest of the weekend was uneventful. Mat is starting a new job soon so Saturday we celebrated with a ridiculous amount of Taco Bell. Those new roller things are delicious. We also watched the Total Recall reboot. It feels like it hasn't stopped snowing here so we tend to stay inside as much as possible.

I guess there was some kind of football game on last night ;) but to be honest I didn't watch any of it. We were more interested in the Man City v. Liverpool game (or Tottenham v. West Brom for that matter). Were there any good commercials? 

Yesterday we also listed a few new things in our Etsy shop... check them out in the link to the right!

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