Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Funday!

Happy Sunday! I hope your weekend has been going well. Did you anybody watch Beyonce's documentary last night on HBO? Ohh my gosh it was great, it makes me love her more! In case you didn't know, she is one of my idols. Not only is she an amazing performer, but I think that she is such a strong, classy, and independent person that other women can look up to. I swear I could go on about her forever, anyways...

Spring is in the air in Tucson, and this weekend has been absolutely beautiful! It has really been putting me in the mood to get a jump start on some spring cleaning/organizing. I am always looking for news ways to decorate and spruce up our house. Now we live in base housing, so there are some limitations towards what we can do or change, so I like looking for fun and easy DIY projects that add small little touches that make the house feel more like our own. My absolute favorite stores to go to when I am in need of supplies or cute decorations that won't break the bank are Target, Michael's Art and Crafts, HomeGoods, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Hobby Lobby (and I am so excited that Tucson is finally opening one in a month!) I love IKEA as well but sadly the closest one is 2 hours away, so I have yet to go there since I moved here. I also love using Pinterest to find fun DIY projects and creative ways to organize your home on a budget. Some of my favorite sites to turn to for ideas are:

Thrifty and Chic
Craft Gawker
Our Vintage Home Love
Dollar Store Crafts
Sew Many Ways
Delightful Order
Design Sponge
I Heart Organizing

This weekend I decided to work on a canvas art project that I have been meaning to do for the past few months, but my inclination to procrastinate everything in life always gets the best of me.

I found a very useful tutorial for this project at This Humble Home, it is a project to create wall canvases that display the lyrics to your first dance song from your wedding. Of course you could use any sort of song, quote, or even a photograph to complete this project, with a little bit of creativity the possibilities are endless!

To start off this project I bought 4 5x5 inch canvases and a small bottle of Modge Podge from Michael's. If you don't already have it, I reccommend downloading the free Michael's app to your smartphone, it provides you with weekly coupons and deals that they can scan directly from your phone.

Once I had all of my supplies I created a 10x10 document in Adobe Illustrator and typed out the song lyrics, Microsoft Word would work as well. I made sure that my text touched edge to edge, and then I divided the document into 4 equal squares and saved them each as a PDF. I then printed each document out and I cut them down to size. Next I spread a layer of modge podge on the first canvas with a paint brush, then I carefully placed one of the papers on top of the canvas and spread another layer of modge podge over the paper. I repeated these steps for each canvas, waited about 15 minutes, and spread another layer of modge podge over them again. I found that I got small bubbles and creases in the paper as I was layering on the top coat of modge podge, but it turned out that I liked the rustic and worn look it added to the image so I decided to keep it. Once all of that was completed I sprayed each canvas with a thin layer of clear Krylon gloss just to give it a nice finished look.

And voila I have my own meaningful and inexpensive art work to display in our bedroom!

My baby Sam!

As I stated before, I am always looking for unique and inexpensive DIY projects to work on in my home, so as I come across more I will be sure to post my decorating adventures with you!

Have a great night everyone!

- Jenny

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