Monday, February 11, 2013

200 Cigarettes

Ensemble films are hard. It sounds like a good idea to throw a bunch of celebs in one movie, but it doesn't always work out. The best example (in my mind) of one done right is 200 Cigarettes. I loved this movie since it first came out in '99. Unfortunately, it's hard to find! Netflix doesn't have it, Amazon doesn't sell it .... 

Much to my surprise, when looking for a movie the other night, I found it on HBO Go!! Elated, I instantly pressed play. 

The movie takes place in New York on December 31, 1981. It follows the stories of different groups of people who are ultimately headed to the same New Year's Eve party. Dave Chappelle plays the cabbie driving everyone around.

The cast was huge: Chappelle, Paul Rudd, Kate Hudson, Christina Ricci, Gaby Hoffman, Ben and Casey Affleck, Janeane Garofalo, Courtney Love, and Jay Mohr are among the more prominent characters.

200 Cigarettes is quirky and funny, with a great soundtrack and amazing wardrobes (can we talk about Kate Hudson's outfit?). I have to admit, though, that my favorite part is Casey Affleck as a young punk.

hellooooooooo (source)

So, have you seen 200 Cigarettes? Do you share my love? If you haven't, I hope you have HBO Go!

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