Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Inspiration Tuesday


I apologize in advance, I am feeling out of sorts today so this post may be brief. I think I am coming down with a head cold, and I have probably sneezed at least 80,000 times today so my brain isn't really functioning properly at this point. I did want to share some fabulous food art pieces with you today, I mean who doesn't like looking at food? I am also pretty hungry so that may be a factor in why I wanted to look at food. Well, when don't I enjoy looking at food.

Anyways, enjoy!

Golpeavisa Studio

Stoyn: Iconic Ice Cream

Exploding Food: Alan Sailer

Pop Chart Lab - The Various Varieties of Vegetables

Leanda Zavian - One Little Bird Studio

Life is Short Eat Dessert First

That last one would be really cute hanging up in a kitchen!

Have a great night!

- Jenny

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  1. Oh man, I looove that last one! I hope you feel better!