Friday, February 15, 2013

Love Castle

Hello! Just a short post today. I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day. I loved reading Jenny's post about her and Alex!

I spent my Vday at the Love Castle!

They really go all out at White Castle. Candles, chocolates, fancy placemats, the works. I had 
a few sliders and some sweet potato fries (sweet potato fries > regular fries, every time!). I never eat WC under normal circumstances so this was a treat. I must say though -- they had this pecan marshmallow dipping sauce for the fries that was a-mazing. I was also really psyched about the cupcakes! Last year they had chocolate-dipped cheesecake on a stick (forreals) cupcakes win in my book.

We also saw the new Die Hard, which was pretty much awesome. If you are a fan of the originals, you will enjoy it.

I will leave you with this video that my sister thankfully alerted me to. It is a follow up to one of my favorite Key & Peele skits, Liam Neesons.

Happy Friday!

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