Thursday, February 21, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Today I am going to copy the trend of doing Throwback Thursday's and share with you some pictures of my sister and I when we were just little tots :)

My sister doesn't know that I am doing this so hopefully she won't mind...

Loving the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle slippers, growing up as a 90's child was the greatest.

I absolutely love looking at old photographs and reminiscing on past memories. Looking at all of these old pictures not only makes me nostalgic, but it also reminds me of a really great website called Dear Photograph, and an inspiring project created by Irina Werning where she recreates old photographs. What do you say Kristin, let's take on the challenge and attempt to recreate some old photographs of us?

What was your favorite or most memorable moment of your childhood?

- Jenny


  1. So in love with your header btw! And I'm even more in love with these pictures!

  2. ohh man. your slippers were awesome. also i miss that dollhouse! that website is really cool. at first i was thinking it would be people re-enacting old photos - i was going to say, if you could find those outfits in our size now, i would be down, lol.