Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekend Recap

This past Thursday, in remembrance of the Holocaust, the base honored several Holocaust survivors by having them speak and tell their stories at various locations on base. The narrative that I went to was absolutely moving. As the man told his tragic story, all I could think about was how brave and resilient he is. To lose your entire family under such horrific circumstances all by the age of 17 is unimaginable. The most moving part of his story was towards the end, when he expressed how much he still loves life, and has always loved it, during the good and the bad. It really got me thinking about my life, and all of the silly things that I stress and worry about on a daily basis, when there are far worse situations that I could find myself in. His enthusiastic and optimistic character is absolutely admirable, and I will always remember him and the bravery of re-living his past and sharing with us his personal story. He also explained that it was his duty to speak of his past because he wants to teach others to speak up towards injustice and do everything we can to end it.

I have always been fascinated by history and learning more about my ancestors. I feel that it it is so important to remember and honor our past, and the people that lived it, because they endured so much that young people today can ever relate to. However, they can learn from it. Today we tend to take so much for granted because technology has made life more "convenient" in a sense. Because of this, it is easier to forget how valuable and precious life really is. I truly feel blessed for the life I live, and I hope that we can all remember to take time out of everyday to appreciate the things that make you happy :)

Sorry, cheesy moment is over. I just couldn't help myself.

My weekend has been very good, yesterday my husband and I spent the day hanging out in our friends pool, soaking in the sun. I can never say no to that! Today I decided to treat myself to some new work clothes in honor of my promotion to a full-time employee, which starts tomorrow (yay!) Then I took Sammie to the groomers, and ohh my goodness she came out looking like the cutest thing ever. I wanted to shave her down pretty well since it has been getting hotter out, and I feel like she has morphed into a completely different dog.

Baby girl!

The cuteness of Sammie and Champ

Ok so maybe my weekend wasn't entirely exciting, but it is the little things that count right!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Monday, here we come...

- Jenny


  1. Awww! Sammie looks so cute. But wow. That is an incredible experience to be able to hear the survivors speak. Especially since one day that opportunity will no longer be possible. I think you are so right -- it is so easy to get caught up in little things (firstworldproblems) but really we are truly lucky and should be grateful.

    Have a great first full day!

  2. I hope you really do try harder to not sweat the small stuff and worry over little things. Remember that man's life and think of how good you have it. Maybe that will help you relax more!!