Thursday, April 18, 2013


I am a bit of an app hoarder. I probably use about 5% of the apps on my phone, but I have a hard time letting go of the other 95% (what if I need to be able to immediately play someone "Peanut Butter Jelly Time"!?). The problem with this is that I am constantly running out of memory on my phone, so little by little, I need to let things go. 

I recently downloaded an app that has both made it into the elite 5% and become my favorite app, and so I wanted to share it with all of you. 

If you aren't familiar, Happier is an app that helps you record the little things that make you smile each day. According to their website: 
Happier is a simple and beautiful way to collect happy moments you find in every day, share them with close friends and family, and be inspired to do more of what makes you happier.
I've tried to keep gratitude lists in the past, but I could never make it a habit. Happier makes it easy, and makes me feel good about using it, so I want to keep on doing so.

Basically, each day, you are prompted to enter three things that made happy.

The app offers suggestions, but you can write whatever you'd like. You can also attach photos. Once you've entered an item, you assign it to a category.

There are a lot of premade categories, but you can also create your own if needed. All of your moments are stored by category on your homepage. 

Happier is a social media app, and the idea is to link to your friends and share your happy moments. However, you can keep moments to yourself, and that's mostly what I've been doing. I want to use it as a reminder to me to smile and be happy. I do often browse the main feed, though, and "like" others' happy moments -- that makes me feel good, too!

When you record your third item for the day, confetti rains down and the app tells you that "you're awesome!" It's pretty great. 

This app has been working for me. The other day I got upset over nothing (quite a common occurence 'round here), and I walked away, looked at the things that made me smile, and felt better. I think it's easy to get caught up in BS, but this app is helping me stay grounded and remember to feel appreciative for all that I have.

I think right now the app is only available for iOS, but hopefully an Android version will be available soon, and it looks like you can also record moments on the website. If you download it and want to be friends, let me know! :)

It was purely coincidental that I wrote this post after Jenny's, but I think we can all use some good vibes this week. I can't believe all that's been unfolding with the Boston suspects. My heart goes out to everyone.

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