Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Busy busy busy. I am starting to make the transition from working 3 part-time jobs, to one steady full-time marketing job on base. I am definitely ready for a change, and I am looking forward to focusing all of my time and energy at that job. It also feels really great to have a job in the field that I got my degree in, maybe those student loans are worth it after all?

Now I have a serious question for you, have you ever heard of, or tasted, a fried pop-tart? Or fried cheesecake? I can't decide whether they sound absolutely delicious, or like a heart attack on a plate. When we went to the fair this weekend they had one stand selling fried...everything. From oreos, to peanut butter cups, my arteries just couldn't take it. And people wonder why America has poor nutrition? Maybe I don't get out enough, but I was just amazed by this. I was tempted to stand around waiting for someone to order one and then bug them about what it tasted like. Is that weird? I will admit that in the past I haven't made the best food choices, *cough* mac-and-cheese burger *cough*, but at some points in my life I would just rather be happy and worry about the extra calories another day. A fried pop-tart just wasn't one of those moments though.

Today I experimented with a new smoothie flavor that turned out absolutely delicious! I used a small bag of frozen dark cherries that I bought from Sprouts, then added about a cup of cherry vanilla greek yogurt, and 2 cups of unsweetened almond milk. Looking back on it now I bet it would taste great with a spoonful of nutella thrown into the mix. Chocolate + Cherries = Amazing. It was very good, I recommend trying it! I wish that I had a picture of it to post, but I always eat before I think.

I heard that Michigan has been experiencing some confusing weather lately. It seems to need a reminder that it is SPRING, so I am sending warm thoughts your way!



Stay warm, summer is on the way!

- Jenny


  1. ummm... FRIED POP-TARTS???

    i'm the same as you, all that stuff sounds so delicious but i can never bring myself to order it, ha. however... i might have made an exception for a fried pop-tart. how was the concert?

    alsoo i love the first picture, ha.. i think i need to make that the background on my computer or something.

  2. We didn't end up going to the concert :( We went on Saturday instead and spent the day there, it was still fun though!