Saturday, April 13, 2013

Deep thoughts

Sorry for my missed post on Thursday, I had a sick husband to take care of. The sad thing is, even though he still wasn't feeling good on Friday, he forced himself to go to work because some of the people he works with like to imply that he is "faking" it every time he takes a day off for an illness. My husband can tend to be injury prone, last year he tore his rotator cuff playing softball and had to be rushed to Urgent Care, and they still gave him a hard time about it. I have never seen him in so much pain before, I cannot fathom how people find it their business to pretend to know how someone is feeling. I swear some people need to be taught how to be decent human beings, especially when they are in a leadership position. It is their job to boost the morale of their airman, and become someone that they can respect and look up to, but instead they abuse their power and the whole team suffers. Ugh, sorry about my rant but it can be so frustrating. Any one else deal with managers or bosses like this? It isn't even my job and I still wish daily that I could go into his shop and give certain people a piece of my mind.

I think that lately I am just tired of dealing with most people in general. Tired of the greed and people's selfish ways, tired of the lack of respect and care they have for others. Tired of their negative attitude's and the gloom they spread around them. If you take life too seriously, you are bound to fail at finding true happiness. Don't waste your time nitpicking at every little detail of life, you will just find yourself lost and struggling to make sense of it all (easier said than done sometimes, I can be guilty of this). If I could just move to a secluded island with my family, our pets, and my TRUE friends, with limited access to the outside world, life would be a dream. No more stress about work, loans, or struggling to pay the bills. No more having to deal with corrupt politics and the insane injustice that goes on in the world daily. No more having to live up to people's unrealistic expectations of myself. Just valuable time spent with the people I love and care about, our relationships with those people are the only thing that truly matters in this life. They are the ones that I would sacrifice my life for, the ones that are worth more than any amount of money. Reality TV doesn't matter, smart phones don't matter, which celebrity is wearing what designer doesn't matter, yet I constantly find myself consumed in that world. Obsessed with every little detail, forgetting that it is all fabricated. Forgetting that this world humans have built for themselves overtime is completely an invention of their own doing. The materialistic items we value is a social construct of the world around us, biology has nothing to do with it. The Earth wasn't created with the structure of money, politics, gender roles, and working 9-5 jobs just to pay an endless cycle of bills that plagues us into retirement. Humans created this life we live today, they created all of the things that we now find ourselves stressing over, a structure that I find myself questioning endlessly. This structure that has so many cracks and holes, yet we continue to be confined to it, shaped by it. We live our lives chained to money, because it is one of the only ways to survive, to find "happiness." Now don't get me wrong, I am grateful for so many incredible and important technologies that humans have created over time, but sometimes our advanced society comes as a blessing and a curse.

In a perfect world I like to think that I would leave it all behind in an instant. I would restructure the ideas of what is important in this life, put more value on human commonalities rather than differences. Spend more time honoring and praising hardworking men and women who actually contribute something useful to society. Teach people how to truly love themselves and the unique gifts they were born with. In my world, no one would ever be criticized for looking a certain way, acting a certain way, or loving who they wish to love. Because everyone deserves to experience true human connections, and love. I would never allow anyone to ever feel alone.

Wishful thinking I suppose. I am always fantasizing about unrealistic ideas. Sometimes imagining this place makes it easier to get through the day, easier to make sense out of life. True human kindness does exist out there, altruism has to be real. I just wish it was more prominent and that more people focused on it instead of letting it be over-shadowed by acts of evil and greed.

Sorry for the heavy thoughts today, I truly don't know where most of that just came from. I sat down to type about tea and my weekend plans, and I ended up pouring out some of my deepest thoughts to you. None of it may make any sense, I kind of jumped around from idea to idea, but I may as well just be open and honest and share it with you. I probably sound a bit hypocritical as well sense I don't do much in my life to make the changes that I want to see in this world. I wish I knew where to begin.

If you took the time to read it all, thank you very much!

On a completely unrelated note,

Kristin have your ever heard of this tea before? It looks so delicious!

Red Velvet Chocolate Herbal Tea - The Republic of Tea

Have a great weekend!


- Jenny


  1. Well said Jenny. I feel that way too!!

  2. OMG. I just typed the longest comment and Wednesday came and stepped on my keyboard and deleted it.

  3. Ughh okay. I can't even remember everything I said haha. DANG IT. Basically that this post is fantastic and I completely agree with you. I wish people would be kind to one another. The world would be a better place. It's not so hard. I have been feeling similarly. I thought it was the weather but since you get to see the sun ;) it must be something in the air !

    We should gchat soon. Are you busy Thursday night?

    And for that tea, I actually bought it the first time I visited you! They sell it at that cute coffee shop! It is delicious! I really want to buy this tea:

    Sounds so good.

    I hope you had a great weekend. Thanks for sharing your deep thoughts with us. :) Love you!

    1. Haha that's too bad about Wednesday doing that, I'm sure it was a great comment! Thursday night works for me, but I don't get home until around 8:30 your time. Ohh yeaaaaa you did buy that tea didn't you, I completely forgot! I need to visit that place soon. Yumm that birthday cake tea sounds good too. Love you too!

  4. Also this is what your title made me think of: