Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April showers bring...

Seriously, where did April go? I am not complaining, I am looking forward to the summer months (minus the 100 degree heat part), but time can you please slow down just a bit? You are passing by too quickly! In June my husband and I will already be celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary, that is mind blowing to me. I know that 2 years doesn't sound like a lot, but I still feel like we got married yesterday, even though so much has occurred since then.

With this being the last day of April, I have successfully gone the whole month without eating candy, drinking pop, and eating fast food. Hooray! I did splurge a tad bit on some frozen yogurt and a slice of pie though, don't judge me. I am just proud that I stuck to my goal for the month, because I am totally one of those people that claims they are starting their "diet" on a Monday, and then I usually slip a few days later and tell myself I will just start it next week. Let's just hope that I can keep this up as a lifestyle change, and I am sure some cardio a few times a week wouldn't hurt either. Baby steps.

Would it be completely terrible and contradicting to reward myself with a milkshake tomorrow? Why does my mind work this way.

What were some of your favorite moments of April? Looking forward to anything exciting in May?

These two always brighten my day

On a serious note, I wanted to send my condolences to the families affected by the recent plane crash in Afghanistan. One of them was a member of the D-M community, and he used to work in my husband's squadron. It is such a tragic story, my heart goes out to them <3

In honor of the start of the playoffs tonight, I will leave you with a little something I created:


 - Jenny


  1. seriously -- i am soo happy that it is may but i also can't believe it. i was just thinking the other day about your anniversary, too -- i can't believe that, either !!

    that is AWESOME that you kept your goals! good for you. and i love your red wings print!

    i'm very sorry to hear though that your base was affected by the crash. very sad.

    1. And in almost a year you will be getting married!!!! I seriously cannot wait!

  2. so proud of you Jenny sticking to your new eating plan.
    Make this the "year of you" and do stuff that make "you" feel good. I am on the 3rd year of the "year of me" and haven't felt this great about my body since I was 18! LOL

    1. Thanks Mom, little by little I am trying! I'm glad you have been able to take the time to focus on yourself too, growing up you always put us first, but now it is time to put yourself first!