Monday, April 1, 2013

Monthly wrap up

I can't believe it's already my third end-of-the-month post! Crazy. 

Happy Monday, and I hope everyone had a great Easter, if you celebrate it. My mom made a delicious meal. I meant to take a picture but accidentally scarfed everything down the second it hit my plate. I also bought this insane cannoli cake from Costco. The middle layer was basically cannoli filling... ohhman. 

One of my favorite parts of March was going out with friends for St. Patrick's Day, it was quite fun. 

hooray for crappy iphone pics

We tend to be hermits in the winter, so it felt good to get out! Which also ties into what I am most looking forward to in April ... warmer weather !!! I hope it is coming. I took my bike out on Saturday for this first time this year and it felt great. I love riding ... maybe I will do a post about that soon. 

Another great thing in March was that I bought my wedding shoes! :) I saw them on clearance at DSW about a week before I bought them. I really liked them but thought it was too early to settle on a pair of shoes. I also was planning on wearing flats so that I wouldn't tower over everyone (I'm 5'10"). 

I kept thinking about them all week, however, so I finally went back. Thankfully, they were still there! They fit like a dream and are actually super comfortable, which is the first pair of heels I have ever said that about. Feels good to keep crossing things off the list. 

And last night Game of Thrones returned! I was ready...

from Urban Outfitters!

I love to rewatch the last season of my favorite shows before the new season starts... the second season was definitely better the second time around. I remember thinking it started off slow at the time but it definitely flowed better watching them straight through. I haven't read the books but do really want to. Maybe if I ever finish reading The Walking Dead...

Anywho, how was your weekend? Feel free to share the best moments of your month below (or do your own post and leave it in the comments!).

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