Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Work It

One of my goals in life is to make myself a really nice and stylish home office. As of right now my office consists of a cluttered desk (with no desk chair), a really old dresser where I keep some of my clothes and jewelry and hair supply, and the cats litter box. If it sounds like it is in need of a face-lift, then you are correct. I just truthfully don't know where to begin. Since we live in base housing I don't really want to put in too much work in it knowing that we are only going to spend another few years or so in the house. So I think that it would be best to start small. I am absolutely in love with this store called Typo that is fairly new to the mall close by our house. It is a branch of the Australian owned company Cotton On. They sell cute and unique office supplies, as well as other household accessories, and I just adore everything they sell. Yet somehow I always leave the store empty handed, it is too difficult to just pick one thing to buy.

I also really love browsing through these office supply websites as well:

See Jane Work
The Office Stylist

If you are in need of giving your work or home office a sprucing, I compiled a small collection below of some of my favorite decorating finds.

1.) Tea Cup Bookends - Typo
2.) Elk Notebook - Typo
3.) Lap it up in Luxury Laptop Case - Typo
4.) Baroque Desk Planner - Typo
5.) Alphabet Notebook - Typo
6.) Key Impression Stamps - See Jane Work
7.) Vinea Letter Holder - See Jane Work
8.) Desk Caddy - See Jane Work
9.) Ceramic Business Card Holder - The Office Stylist
10.) Jumbo Scented Erasers - Dylans Candy Bar
11.) I Fantasy Your Point Pencil Sharpener - ModCloth
12.) Wall Art - Urban Outfitters

- Jenny

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  1. ohhh man .... i seriously love buying office supplies, and i did not know that dylan's candy bar sold all of that cupcake stuff ... my evening is going to be spent going through those websites!