Monday, March 4, 2013

Sister, Sister


When I was younger, I wished I had a twin, ala Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield. I really wanted that extra sense that twins seem to share -- although the extra closet to shop in wouldn't have hurt, either. I'm still obsessed with the Olsen twins (much to my fiance's chagrin), and it would've been fun to swap identities.

*Side note, any other Sweet Valley and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans? "I'm not ashamed of you... I'm ashamed of myself."

Even though my sister and I aren't twins, and even though we live on opposite sides of the country, it's funny to me how much we have in common. When I went to visit her in December, I noticed that we were using the same kind of makeup, the same face wash, bought the same flavor coffee creamer, and had even downloaded the exact same Firefox theme. I feel like there are lots of little things like this that we do all the time. 

Jenny and I have different interests, but we are also a lot alike, more than I ever thought we would be. We see and observe and take things to heart. We think a lot more than we speak, but if you get to know us, we are silly and love to laugh. We sometimes butt heads, but honestly it's because our personalities are so similar. 

We may not be twins, but we are definitely sisters, and I couldn't ask for a better one :)

Here's some pics of us from her beautiful wedding:

 And just for fun:

Man, I loved that show.


  1. Oh sweet valley high made me long for a twin or a sister really. Only child over here. I really love the wedding pictures, so gorgeous!

  2. Aww thanks sista! I totally agree, even though we have different interests we are alike in so many different ways, ways that only you and I share. We are soul twins :) Love you!