Thursday, March 28, 2013

TBT: Easter Edition


Since Easter Sunday is approaching I thought that I would share with you some pictures of my sister and I on Easter when we were younger (sorry I don't have more, the rest are at my parent's house).

My mother definitely liked to dress us up on Easter, adorable hats being a necessity. I am not even sure what is going on with that frilly yellow concoction that I am wearing, but I do know that when I have kids I am going to love dressing them up in adorable outfits as well!

I always loved waking up on Easter morning because my mom would set up fun scavenger hunts for my sister and I all around the house. She would start off by leaving our first clue/note on our desk, and we would continue to follow each clue (they rhymed of course) until we found our Easter baskets full of delicious goodies. I remember that one year in particular she gave me a basket full of N*SYNC school supplies, my life was complete. I love you mom!

What are some of your favorite Easter memories?

Happy almost Friday everyone!

- Jenny


  1. I was hoping you would remember the notes I use to leave around the house. I am glad you have a lot of good memories, even though I made you wear the Easter Hats!! lol