Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Less is More

It is that time of the week again, and I am ready to share with you some of my favorite design finds of the week. This post is dedicated to the complex elegance of logo design. The types of logos that draw me in the most are ones that are clever, clean, and simple. A logo is the first and most important visual impression that a person absorbs about a particular company. If a logo is poorly designed, it can play a major role on the effectiveness of the product or company. So the overall brand aesthetic that a company chooses to present to the world requires great care and consideration. Logo design may seem simple and easy (completely false), but it plays a larger role in our lives than we may realize.

I bet that upon one glance of the particular logos below, you can instantly recognize which company they belong to:




 Yes these are major corporations that are easily recognizable and well-known, but the fact that you can associate their visual brand with the company itself helps to convey the effectiveness of the logo. Enjoy the rest of my logo findings below:

Wave by Martin Ezman
Eleven Music

Crane & Co. by Louise Fili

Love Clip


Rocket Golf

Killed Productions

Cupcake Time by Veneta

LIT by Creattica

HandyDog by Yana Makarevich

- Jenny


  1. Can you guess which one is my favorite? Haha

    1. Haha I put it on there just for you!

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