Monday, March 11, 2013


What's up, friends? How was your weekend? 

Mine was pretty uneventful but relaxing. I knocked some things off the DVR and my to-do list. 

Luckily for my coworkers, I made these:

I LOVE Lucky Charms, and even though I have weaned myself off of sugary cereals, I can't resist a bowl around St. Patrick's Day! I actually never made Rice Krispie treats before... hello, easiest dessert on the planet. These were inspired by some tasty treats at Cheba Hut, an awesome sandwich chain in Tucson that we went to when I visited Jenny.

If anyone has $200,000 lying around and wants to open a franchise -- holler.

When I was there, I had the PB/chocolate "goo ball," but really regretted not getting the Lucky Charms version (even though that one was delicious). So, only about a year later, I finally made them.

I also tried my first macaron on Sunday:

They had some at a little winter farmer's market. I've always wanted to try one so I couldn't resist. DELICIOUS .. I see what al the hype is about.

Any Empire Records fans out there (or Welcome to the Dollhouse)? Who knew Warren would grow up to be so good looking?


Um, hellllloooooo Warren. I guess he was in Seven Psychopaths -- totally did not recognize him.

Also, while browsing The Impulsive Buy the other day, I was alerted to THIS:


Commence freak out. I need to find this ASAP. Even though Skinny Cow is kind of expensive, that is the answer to my prayerz. They also have Cookie Dough bars and Pink Velvet (!) bars!

So... all my posts are basically about food. Sorry :( I have no other hobbies outside of eating and reading blogs (jk...kindofbutnotreally). So tell me all about your fun weekends, and I will live vicariously through you ;)


  1. I can't believe that is Warren! Now I feel like watching that movie, I promise you the next Halloween we spend together we are dressing up as Corey and Gina.

    1. yesssss for sure !! :) i just watched it the other day ha and then found that picture !