Monday, March 18, 2013


Let's talk about HBO's GIRLS.


The season two finale aired last night. If you don't watch the show, I don't really want to give anything away. I will just say that I was SO happy with how everything turned out. Finales are always either super frustrating (season one) or incredibly satisfying (season two).

I have had such a mixed relationship with this show. Each season is ten episodes. I didn't really starting loving it until episode seven of the first season. I'd start to get into it, and then they would just throw something totally unexpected (and uncomfortable) that would put me off it. Half the episodes made me feel like I needed a shower after they were over. But still, I kept watching, and I'm glad I did.

With the exception of maybe a few moments, I loooved this season. Loved. I think it's because I finally could relate to the characters. In the first season, I understood the characters in a peripheral sense, but aside from being a twenty-something, I couldn't draw any comparisons. This season I could relate to everyone -- Hannah, Marnie, Shoshanna (much more than I thought I could!), and even Jessa at times, although she's the most distant for me. Jessa's entertaining to watch, but not as grounded in reality (for me).

I really started to feel for Hannah toward the end of this season and especially in the finale. I'll be honest, I have trouble with her character. I initially felt like I "had" to like her, or was "supposed" to like her, because she was so different -- and honestly, I wanted to like her. But the things Hannah does ... she's just not likable a lot of the time, as Laird called her out on the finale, and I think maybe that's the point. 


I'd be lying if I said that my desire to like Hannah had nothing to do with her appearance. Here was finally a normal-looking woman starring in a show, just being who she is. It's sad that Lena's weight even has to be noticed or commented on, but those are the constructs of our society, and  even though I felt relieved by Lena's presence on screen, I am just as guilty. As Lena bared more skin, the topic fell under more and more scrutiny. It's so silly that it's getting so much attention for being so much "out of the norm." 

I read an article the other day on Thought Catalog, titled "What’s Up With Lena Dunham?: Celebrating Women’s Bodies," that said, "Lena Dunham doesn’t have a 'bad body,' she has a human body." This made me want to hug the author. (Thank you!). As someone who is no stranger to self-criticism, this made me want to cry, "Hallelujah! We are just human." Lena is very pretty, smart, and obviously incredibly talented, and it's shameful that so much of that is lost to a perceived deviation.

I'm not innocent in this, by any means. I get the appeal of models and celebrities. Let's be honest -- I was enjoying Channing Tatum's and Joe Manganiello's performances in Magic Mike far more than Kevin Nash's (sorry dude). Yet I also don't think it follows that they should be considered the standard -- isn't that defeating the whole purpose? It's refreshing to see someone just being who they are for a change, and it makes me feel like it's okay for me to be me. And for all the critics of Lena's constant nudity -- guess what? Sometimes people get naked. 

If you watch GIRLS, what did you think of the finale? I'm dying to talk about it with someone! I think I might actually go watch it again right now, ha.

I hope everyone had a fun St. Patrick's Day! Definitely check out Jenny's post of some green treats... mmmm.


  1. I thought the finale was great, especially after seeing Hannah struggle so much, it was uplifting to see her feel relief and support. I also felt much more relation to the characters in the second season, and I think it's because they became much more rounded and complex individuals, as we got to learn more about each character, as opposed to the limited impression we got from season one. Loving the blog, by the way!