Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Addition

Sorry for my absence on Tuesday, this week has been absolutely crazy. Between work, filing our taxes, and running what seems like an endless list of errands, I have barely had a moment to myself. Another reason why I have been busy, an amazing reason at that, is the new addition to our family. WE GOT A PUPPY!

As of right now his name is Champ, still on the fence if I want to keep it or not, and he is a 12 week old boxer. My husband grew up with a boxer as well and as soon as we saw him we just fell in love. He is the smallest, sweetest puppy I have ever seen. But don't let those adorable sad puppy eyes fool you, he snores louder than I ever thought possible. We have been letting him sleep in our bed with us since he just whines all night if we leave him in the cage, and my husband has no willpower when it comes to that. The first night we tried to leave the puppy in its cage downstairs, my husband probably lasted ohhhhhh a whole 30 seconds before he felt bad and just had to let him out. So I will just have to adjust to this new lack of sleep thing and hanging off the side of the bed because the puppy needs to stretch out.

I would definitely say that our other dog Sammie is getting a little bit jealous of the new puppy, but I think that it will be great for her to have another dog to play with. Ohh look at me rambling on and on about my animals as if they were my children, at this point aren't they though? I am totally okay with being the crazy annoying animal person that treats them like human beings. I will admit that I put my dog's food bowl on top of the counter yesterday and let her sit on the bar stool to eat it so that they puppy didn't get to it, we are just classy like that.

In other news, I am sure that many of you heard about the government cutting Tuition Assistance for every branch except for the Navy, yet they are just lowering the amount of tuition assistance for illegal aliens. It is a shame that the military should suffer any cuts when they already give up so much of their lives to serve our nation. I understand that our economy is suffering, but there are other areas to look for federal budget cuts, not the military. You cannot put a price on what those men and women in uniform go through, but apparently the government sees it differently. It would be nice for a change to have congress step up to the plate and take a pay cut from their hefty salaries, instead of cutting beneficial programs such as Tuition Assistance that provides service men and women a chance to get their education so that they are better prepared for a career when their contract is over. I will never understand or agree with these injustices, so we need to do our part as American citizens and make our voices heard. It may seem as though that doesn't mean much these days, as if we have little control in how this country is ran, but we can still try. If you have a moment please sign this petition that has been going around to reinstate Tuition Assistance. Aside from the great pride and value these men and woman are towards our nations protection, it seems as though the incentives to join the military are becoming less and less. Maybe it is about time that some of the members of congress should take a walk in their combat boots and experience what it is like to be a part of the military. I doubt they would last a day.

Thank you for listening to my rant, I will now step down from my soapbox. I am sure that many military wives out there feel the same way, we need to do everything we can to protect our families.

- Jenny


  1. :( that's really crappy about the tuition assistance. i will definitely sign the petition. it's real easy for them to cut funding in their cozy offices.

    your puppy is the cutest thing EVER though. he is making me want a dog so badly !! i can't get over him. that is hilarious about the bar stool, haha. how is blondie handling another dog?

  2. Aww thanks, dogs are the greatest you guys should totally look into adopting one! Well so far Blondie hates him hah, but I am sure that over time they will grow on each other.