Monday, March 4, 2013

New clothes

Mondays mornings can be rough. I can't fall asleep after watching The Walking Dead, so my 6 a.m. alarm always comes too early. The weekends never seem long enough. 

One thing that helps make Monday morning just a little bit easier is new clothes. Of course, I'm not afforded this every Monday, and especially now, I feel guilty if all of my money isn't put toward the wedding. However, I did manage to squeeze in a little bit of post-tax shopping.

pink! cats!

the shoes and necklace aren't new but matched so well

Pink is (and has always been) my favorite color, but I do not own enough pink clothing. I seem to have been trying to rectify that lately. I really wanted the cat top before it was gone, but then figured I might as well spend enough to get free shipping (right?).

I also got this sweater:

And a few other things that were on sale.

Sometimes you just have to treat yo' self!

Hope Tom's jacket makes your Monday a little bit easier. My goal for this week is to find these:


I already checked Target but no luck. I know Peeps are a serious subject for most people -- you either love them, or you hate them. I LOVE them. In my highschool newspaper class we might have had a competition to see who could fit the most Peeps in their mouth. I didn't win, but I sure tried. If you find these, puh-lease let me know.

Happy Monday,



  1. CUUUUTE new clothes! I paticularly hate peeps, but I will for sure keep my peepers peeped for those peeps. Ha. Happy Monday! (ps I did FINALLY find the red velvet poptarts at the Northville Hillers. Bout time!

    1. Thank you! :) yes, please let me know if you peep those peeps, ha. and the pop tarts are SO GOOD!

  2. Loveeee your new clothes! TREAT YO SELF!