Friday, May 31, 2013

Get in my closet

Like most girls, I have a slight shopping obsession. I try to maintain this obsession within my means though, darn student loans are preventing me from being the Carrie Bradshaw fashionista I wish to be. Every morning as I struggle to pick out what to wear, I never seem to like anything I own anymore, I dream about having one of those fabulous closets that you see on Cribs (or used to anyway, I'm a little old school) and an unlimited bank account to spend on beautiful clothing. I am sure that most girls share in this dream, because to me the right outfit can make or break how I am going to feel for the day. How you choose to present yourself everyday also shares with the world a lot about your personality. So Until I make it big, or win the lottery, I will continue to browse clothes online, fantasizing about filling my closet with all of my favorite things.

Below I shared with you some of my favorite finds of the week. I am absolutely loving the chevron trend that is going on right now, whether it be through clothing or household accessories, I can't get enough!

Ivory/Mint Zig Zag Aztec Scuba Dress - Windsor Store

Evening Cocktails Dress - ModCloth

Great Wavelengths Dress - ModCloth

Fete by the Fountain Dress - ModCloth

Peplum Bow Back Top - ASOS

Zephyr Red Wings Snapback - ASOS

Nike Dunk Ski Hi

Gatsby Chic Bag - UrbanOG

Classic Pleat Dress - Forever 21

Tie-Front Animal Print Top - Forever 21

Cropped Perma-Creased Trousers - Forever 21

Lera Peplum Skirt - Nasty Gal

- Jenny

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  1. I love that second dress! I agree... when I am wearing a new outfit, I am in such a good mood and feel so confident. Most days I throw on whatever and feel bleh, ha.