Monday, May 13, 2013

Cat lady

You wouldn't guess it from how obsessed I am with my cat, but I actually was super hesitant to get a pet. Wednesday was a stray, but having never had pets growing up, I was really nervous about what taking care of a living thing actually entailed. 

Obviously it worked out, and I am slowly becoming a true cat lady. So much of a cat lady that when I identified items for this post, I realized that I might have to break it into two, because I have so many cat-related items on my wish list. #yikes

With that I present: Cat Lady Wish List, Clothing Edition

"The Fuschia is Meow" dress from ModCloth

Tank from H&M

"I'm Just Kitten" tights from ModCloth

Dang it, I waited too long on this one! Forever 21 (no longer available)

Furball leggings

Hot Topic

I actually own this cat taco shirt, but I didn't know there was a whole line! You can also get cats on baconcat on sushi, and cat on a cupcake(!).

I only have a handful of cat shirts in my actual posession (so far). I was thrilled to find this cat print Old Navy shirt at a thrift store recently:
It's really cute and fit great. I also found a Jason Wu for Target blouse with the tags still on. #score

I hope everyone had a great Monday and that all the mom's had a great Mother's Day. I ate way too much hummus today (is that possible?) and am listening to the new Daft Punk album, which sounds pretty wonderful so far. Looking very forward to a 3-day weekend this weekend!

Stay tuned for Cat Lady Wish List: Accessories & Housewares!


  1. You get a 3 day weekend? Nice! Forever21 has a cute cat print shirt on their website.. I almost bought it at the store the other day.

    1. you just made me realize that i forgot to include the shirt i want the most !!

      duhh. how did i miss that.

      yeah mat & i both took friday off for motor city comic con and the DCFC home opener!

    2. Haha that shirt is cute! Awesome have fun!