Tuesday, May 7, 2013



I am just going to start off by confessing something, I have a deep love for banana pudding. There I said it. Ever since I was a little girl, I have the greatest memories of being at my grandparent's house eating my grandmother's delicious banana pudding, and making it for the holiday's has become a special tradition within our family. From peanut butter cookies, to apple turnovers, she definitely knew how to spoil us! This weekend my husband and I went to a BBQ for his squadron and I decided to bring some banana pudding for dessert. Luckily, I was able to bring some leftovers home so that I can splurge on it for a few days (all a part of my master plan). I used my grandmother's recipe (haven't quite mastered the meringue though) but it is seriously one my my favorite things to eat. Maybe I have a special bond with it because it reminds me of my grandmother, and when I make it I feel connected to her. She was an incredible woman that I will always love and admire. I don't know if I do her recipe justice, but I sure do try my best.

That is why I would like to dedicate this post to her. I searched the internet and amazingly found a ton of recipes and variations on banana pudding that I would like to share with you. Go ahead, treat yo' self and try one of the delicious recipes below!

Banana Pudding Poppers - Bubbly Nature Creations

Banana Pudding Ice Cream - Nutmeg Nanny

Banana Pudding Pie - Lick the Bowl Good

Nutter Butter Banana Pudding - Pass the Sushi

Banana Pudding Cookies - Two Peas and Their Pod

Banana Pudding Milkshake - Babble

Strawberry Banana Pudding Cake - Maybe I Will

Skinny Mini Banana Pudding - Skinny Ms.

- Jenny

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  1. hahahaha that gif is the best. i actually have some banana pudding-related recipes i saved that i have been meaning to send you, ha. kim told me a trick about the egg whites and i can't remember if she said to make them cold or make them room temperature ... darndit. maybe mom remembers.