Saturday, June 1, 2013

May Recap

I can't believe that it's June! June is my favorite month, but I may be a little bit biased -- it is my birthday month, after all. But it's also the official start of summer and just a happy month all around. 

May was fun too, as we unofficially kicked off summer and started filling our weekends with plans, but the best part was definitely this past week. 

I had Monday off for Memorial Day, and then on Tuesday we went with Laura of Ginger Bloom and her husband to see Of Monsters and Men!

It rained all day but thankfully stopped for the outdoor show! Our seats were up on a grass hill, so we kept ourselves entertained by watching everyone slip down it -- which thankfully we did not (success).

The next day, Mat and I headed down to Cleveland to see the US take on Belgium!

We lost, but truthfully, since it was just a friendly, we were pretty pumped to see some Premier League players.
Fellaini's afro!
Vertonghen! Vermaelen! Fellaini! Lukaku! Kompany!
Uncle Sam

The game was really fun and then we looked for ourselves on TV afterward ... can you find us? 

The next day we visited the Cleveland Aquarium and then went to Melt before we headed back.

Look at this weird little turtle!
At Melt, we split a Cuban:

And "The Dude Abides," which was meatballs, marinara, cheese, and cheese sticks:

We found out later that they were actually shooting the new Captain America movie just a few streets from our hotel.

(our hotel)
We had to go back to work on Friday, but I can't complain about a two-day work week! All in all it was a fun trip. Friday night I took my mom to her first Detroit City FC game. It had rained during the day but we thought it had cleared up -- it started pouring the second we got there and didn't stop until the game was almost over, ha. But we had fun!

Now, what am I looking forward to in June? Lots, but a few big ones that stand one include seeing the Postal Service on June 10, my birthday on June 29, and having my sister come home !! :D 

It's going to be a great month!

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