Friday, June 28, 2013

Guess who's back...

Back to reality I go! It has been an exhausting week trying to get back in the swing of things, I still feel like my mind is in vacay mode, but really when isn't it. Sleeping in for 2 weeks and relaxing with my great friends and family was wonderful! I definitely did not want it to end. But I did miss my pups very much, 2 weeks is too long to be away from them! I am also thankful that I made it through another plane ride without completely freaking out, I have a huge fear of flying that my husband finds

Being back in Michigan always makes me feel as though I never left. Luckily I feel like I am always able to pick up where I left off. It also makes me realize just how much I miss it. Once I start feeling comfortable with being away from home and content with our life here, our trips back home always throw me through a loop and make me miss Michigan again. I cannot wait to move back. Plus, this whole Arizona being 112 degrees thing is not working for me.

I am just thankful that we got to spend some much needed time with friends and family (although I feel guilty that I wasn't able to spend time with everyone I wanted). As my sister mentioned before, I got to go wedding dress shopping with her (so exciting!) and she looked absolutely gorgeous in everything she tried on. 1 more year to go until the big day! Time for me to start planning her bridal show and bachelorette party... it is never too soon :)

We also made a trip to Greenfield Village with our parents (Alex's mom was taking the picture). I haven't been there since I was a little girl, and it is amazing how differently you remember and perceive things when you are younger. I felt like I had deja vu the whole time, yet it all seemed so different from what I remembered. All in all it was a great trip. I felt like I spent most of my time eating, and mainly eating out (not that I am complaining), so for once I am actually looking forward to cooking meals for us. This girl needs to start saving her money.

If you are a Channing Tatum fan and haven't seen this video yet, I'm going to share it with you. My husband showed it to me and it is pretty hilarious.

Happy early birthday to my sista, love you!!

Have a great weekend!

- Jenny

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  1. Hahaha, that video was pretty funny ... "Four Chainz!"

    But WTF is Miley Cyrus's style these days ??