Wednesday, January 30, 2013

About Jenny


My name is Jenny - the other half of this duo. I am a 24 year old military wife living in Arizona with my incredible husband, cat, and dog. You may find me posting quite frequently about my animals. Yes, I have turned into one of those annoying owners that treats and talks about their animals as if they were children. I have accepted this fact, and I am completely okay with it.

I was born and raised in Michigan, growing up with a head full of dreams to one day move away and experience new things and embrace new opportunities. While I am grateful that I am able to fulfill that dream, I couldn't miss it more! Except for the snow and freezing temperatures, not many people would miss having to wake up early to dig your car out of the snow. Nevertheless, I have been living in Arizona for a little over a year now. My husband joined the Air Force in 2010, we married in the summer of 2011, I graduated from college two months later, and lo and behold I moved here to be with him soon after.

I am a budding graphic designer with a passion for all things artistic and creative. I also enjoy photography, food, music, movies, my pets (go figure), food, reading, the paranormal, dessert, and food with a side food!

I hope to do my best to fill you in on my daily adventures and interests, including my personal triumphs and struggles with military life thus far. 

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more of our random thoughts and insights!

This is Jenny signing off from the Southwest,

Stay classy!

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