Tuesday, July 9, 2013


If I ever became president, I would insist that weekends be changed from 2 days to 4. It is amazing what you can accomplish with some good quality time off.

My husband and I finally got to go see World War Z this weekend, I have been dying to see it! Man o man it did not disappoint! I thought it was a fantastic movie, I felt like my heart was racing throughout the whole movie because it leaves you in such suspense. I also like how different the zombies in this movie were portrayed, as opposed to the slow and dull moving ones you see in shows like The Walking Dead. I definately need to read the book now.

Magna Carta Holy Grail

Thanks to Samsung, I was also able to download the new Jay-Z album for free. Samsung bought 1 million copies of his CD and released those copies early to whoever downloaded the Magna Carta Holy Grail app. I have always been a big Jay-Z fan and I think that MCHG is a great CD. My favorite song as of right now is "Holy Grail" with Justin Timberlake. Jay-Z is definitely a great lyricist, one of the greats, along with Nas, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Eminem, Tupac, the list could go on. I started reading his autobiography Decoded awhile back, and in it he goes into detail about the meaning behind a lot of his lyrics. It is pretty amazing how much thought and symbolism he puts into each song. I think the depth behind his songs often gets overlooked or misinterpreted.

On another note, I was NOT a fan of Kanye's new album AT ALL. I'm sorry but he needs to fire his producer. I am a big Kanye fan in general, and I get that he likes to experiment with his music and try out new sounds, but I wish the old Kanye would come back. That is just my opinion though.

Those are just a few of my reviews for now, now I am le tired.

Good night all :)

- Jenny

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  1. I couldn't decide if I wanted to see World War Z, but since you liked it, that makes me want to see it more! We have the book if you want to borrow it sometime.

    That's awesome you got the Jay-Z CD for free! I listened to Kayne's new CD .. I was so - so on it.