Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Monthly recap: June

Okay, I know that I say this every month, but seriously ... where is the time going!? I can't believe it's already July. 

Some of my favorite moments of June were having my sister and brother-in-law home, going wedding dress shopping, and of course, my birthday!

My birthday wasn't really that exciting but it included a lot of good food, and I am pretty easy to please in that regard. 

Birthday dinner - I love ribs!
Unfortunately, in the morning, for some reason we both felt kind of sick. Mat's passed quicker than mine. We went out for breakfast at Toast where I ordered some amazing bourbon french toast, but I couldn't really eat or enjoy it. 

We tried to walk around after but had to retreat home to take a nap. Sleeping wasn't exactly how I wanted to spend my day, but at least it did make me feel better... after all, I had ribs and cake to eat.

Cutest funfetti cake that my Mom got me!

The next morning my mom and I went out for breakfast and I treated myself to my all-time favorite coffee drink, Biggby's peanut butter cup chill. Do people know about this? It used to be a seasonal drink but then thankfully they decided to make it a permanent staple. However, it's not on the menu. If you haven't had one ... it's basically a caffeinated peanut butter cup.

I also tried on a few more wedding dresses on my birthday, but I think i have decided on my dress (eep).

In July, I'm looking forward to hopefully making it to a beach one day and also for Detroit City FC playoffs! The team is currently undefeated and #1 in the league. The playoffs are going to be a good time, for sure. If you're curious but haven't been to a game, now is the time! Tickets are for sale here:

You will get to experience this craziness:

stolen from Northern Guard's instagram... and that is me in the center

What were your highlights? What are you looking forward to this month? I'd love to know!

Hope everyone has a fun, long 4th of July weekend!

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