Thursday, July 11, 2013

Monsoon season

Jenny is all too familiar with monsoon season in Arizona, but I feel like Michigan is having one of it's own this summer. It will be a nice, sunny day, then start raining sideways out of nowhere. After a hard pour, the rain stops as quickly as it starts. It's been crazy. We had a little mishap on Tuesday night when Mat offered to go for a walk with me. 

Now note, this is a rare occasion. It just doesn't happen. I was really happy, especially because it was around 89 degrees out. We walked to 7-11 in the hot sun, and on the way back noticed that it was looking really, really dark. It wasn't supposed to rain until much later, so I hoped it would just blow past. Nope. It started pouring, I mean really hammering down. We both couldn't see, I briefly lost my left contact somewhere in my eye, and we were instantly soaked. Luckily, we found some shelter with a few other unfortunate people who were out (some were even in a paddle boat on the lake!). One lady decided the rain was better than the rat that scuttled past us, so she booked it.

It's supposed to be sunny all weekend, and we are planning on being outside a lot at the DCFC playoffs, so hopefully that holds true.

Anyway. I'm in a very rambly mood, so bear with me. I feel like I've made some tasty meals lately, so I thought I'd share. 

The other night, I made these spicy black bean cakes from A Cozy Kitchen

The picture is hers -- it looks much more appetizing than mine. These turned out awesome! We had really great black beans cakes at a restaurant in Traverse City once. I've tried a couple other recipes, but this one was the best. I love her blog -- visit the site to get the recipe!

On the side, I halved and hollowed out some jalapenos and filled them with a cream cheese/feta mix. I roasted them in the oven for about 15 minutes. These also turned out so delicious -- the perfect side.

Tonight I made an epic burrito with chicken, black beans, roasted squash, guacamole, cheese, and sour cream. Not the best photo, but it tasted delicious. 

Check out the shirt and shoes I got from Goodwill last week! The Nikes are practically brand new and cost $5. They also happened to me in my giant size. I don't know what happened but I went up a size in the past year.

Also, I don't know about y'all, but I am dying to see Pacific Rim. I hate paying full price for movies, so we usually go to matinees, but I'm pretty tempted to go tomorrow night. Anyone else going? What's the best movie you've seen so far this summer?

That's a lot of words, so I'll leave you with this funny -- albeit blurry -- picture of Wednesday with whipped cream on her nose.... and yes, we've just been hanging out on a sheet on the floor all summer.

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